About us

EasyRoller is a manual wheelchair made from 100 % environment friendly thermoplastics. The wheelchair is especially designed as a MR SAFE transport device for hospitals & institutions it is also use at airports & security points,  and for Rehabilitation in pools & SPA

The History of EasyRoller

Year 2009:
Although started in 1998 Easy Roller AS was reorganised with new finance and International market organization, and last but not least: Developing the next generation: EasyRoller 2 Design, construction and engineering is made by the complete Design house Eker Design

Year 2010:
Testing and approval of EasyRoller 2 in accordance with EN 12183 and ISO 7176 EasyRoller Quality system built up in accordance to ISO 9001 Introduction of EasyRoller 2 in the international market EasyRoller 1 will be phased out, but the service will be taken care of by SISO Vekst


Through the years, a few hundred EasyRoller 1 Wheelchairs have been sold to customers in Scandinavia:

Airports in Norway, Denmark and Iceland Health Institutions using MRI in Norway, Sweden Swimming pool with access ramps in Norway and Denmark